Marché Shediac Market - Récolte de Chez Nous - Really Local Harvest

Become a Vendor!

The place to be every Sunday this Summer! Come join family and friends to discover treasures and gifts. Browse the stalls and meet artists, vendors, etc. You can sample tasty and exotic food while enjoying the performances on stage. 

Vendor Classification


Vendor offering for sale their personal artistic production


Vendor offering for sale at least 80% of products from their own production. The Vendor must be able to prove the origin of his goods.


Vendor offering for sale products that they cultivate or raise.


Vendor offering for sale food products to consume on the spot or to take away, that they make themselves.

Transformed Products

Vendor who offers for sale food products that they produce themselves. Baker, chocolate maker, canned goods ...


Vendor who promotes a community activity.


Vendor offering for sale manufactured or craft products that they will buy for the purpose of reselling.


Company that wants to promote its products or services.


Completing this form does not ensure that you have a Shediac Market location.

Filling out this form means to apply. In order to ensure a consistent and satisfactory offer, the Manager may accept or refuse the application of a Vendor. You will receive an email informing you of the decision to grant you a place or not.


13.1. Only exhibitors benefiting from the reduced rate and having reserved consecutive market days will be allocated a specific place,

13.2. A contrario: No place allocated if reservation not consecutive or if the location is paid day by day.

13.2. The Market reserves the right to change locations in the event of a substantial change in the organization.