Will the market be managed by the same people as in 2018?

Yes. Really Local Harvest Cooperative has responded to the City of Shediac’s Request for Proposal and has been chosen to manage the Market for the next 3 years.

We will have the pleasure of being with you in the coming years.

We are learning from the year 2018 to offer you better service.

It was found that there were fewer vendors and customers at the end of September. What are you planning this year?

Indeed, after the start of school and the departure of tourists, the Market became less attractive and many Vendors left.

This year, the Market will open on June 16th and close on September 15th.

The season will not go until the end of September, although we will be offering Vendors to be also present on September 29 during festivities organized by the City of Shediac.

We will encourage local customers to return to the Market in early September with a focus on entertainment so that the Market continues to be as attractive and interesting as the rest of the season.

The local population is attached to its Market and will certainly enjoy attending the last days before closing.

How do you plan to give space for culture at the market?

We will provide different cultural events every Sunday as part of several different themes,

We would like to develop activities around literature, poetry, painting, create workshops to discover certain activities

We remain at your disposal if you have ideas.

Will there be music on the stage?

Yes, musical programming is an essential element of the animation of the Market.

Local artists will have access to the stage to present their creations and share their talent.

We plan to have different animation every Sunday and that includes music.

You can consult the schedule of the animations on the website’s Calendar page.

Will there be an organized site for animation spectators, facing the platform?

We will place more seats to accommodate more spectators between the stage and the tents dedicated to catering.

Benches or, why not, Adirondack type seats to allow customers / visitors to stop on the Market and enjoy the exhibitors, the picnic area and the show.

Will I find my favorite Vendor at the same place as last year?

In order to allow customers to find their way around the Market, we will create thematic zones: Artisan Zone, Restoration Zone, Artist Zone, Vendor Area

If the Vendor was already installed in the area corresponding to their activity, we will try to give them the same place as last year and you will find it easily.

If they were in an area that is not devolved to his activity, we will have to offer them a place in the right zone.

We will indicate the name of each exhibitor, a description of these products, its location and dates of Market presence on the website. This will allow you to find the right day in the right place!

You can consult the zoning of the Park on the website on the Location page.

Can I drive to my location along the paved lane?

Vehicle traffic is prohibited on the paved road.

We will provide you with two manual trolleys to help you unload your vehicle and bring your equipment and products to your location.

They will replace the motor vehicle and trailer that was graciously made available by the City of Shediac last year.

If you have difficulty organizing with these trolleys, or if you have too much material to move, we will try to assign you another location, which will be accessible by car.

If I miss a market day, will I lose my place?

Only Vendors who commit to several consecutive Sundays will be assigned the same location so that customers can find them easily. Vendors who come only once or a few days during the season will be welcomed with great pleasure on the available locations on the day of their presence.

If you tell us of your absence so that we can eventually fill the hole left by your absence, you will not lose your place. If we are not informed beforehand of your absence, you run the risk of losing your location.

Are you going to apply the same rates as in 2018?

We will make a difference between the Vendors using or not electricity.

By the game of discounts on the number of Market days and payment, you will receive a discount of up to 25% / 2018.

You can consult the rates in the Market regulation or on the Rates page, which will present some examples.

Of course, we are at your disposal to give you the most accurate information.