Welcome to the Shediac Market


Every sunday | 9am - 2pm

Mid june to Mid September

Pascal Poirier park

The place to be every Sunday this summer! Come join family and friends to discover treasures and gifts. Browse the stalls and meet artists, vendors, etc. You can sample tasty and exotic food while enjoying the performances on stage. 

Marché Shédiac Market - Récolte de Chez Nous - Really Local Harvest

A fresh way to eat well

Talk to our local producers and learn first hand how your food is grown and raised with care. Discover an incredible diversity of artisanal products including ready to eat culinary delights, international flavors and hand made artworks and crafts. Going local has never been more easy and affordable!


Why buy local?

When you shop at the supermarket, seven to fourteen days can go by between the time produce is picked and when it becomes available at a supermarket. In that interval, fruits and vegetables can travel, on average, more than 1,200 miles before reaching the final consumer. Since studies have shown that produce loses nutritional value as more time elapses from the time of harvest, locally grown produce available at farmers markets is available to you at the peak of freshness and nutrient availability. And you know who produces your food and you establish a privileged contact with your vendors and producers.


The shediac market

Fresh, healthy, tasty and safe products, all produced or processed in southeastern New Brunswick!

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Promote the development of sustainable agriculture in southeastern New Brunswick.

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